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XRB Will Going To Down in Price, to many dump It will back to normal price

XRB price so high now on the bitgrail market already hit 4000 satoshi and it have more
dumper, unfortunately the price of XRB, Mrai, Raiblocks coin will gonna down come
back to support level it may have more chance drop or fall 1000 satoshi or will below
like come back to 400 satoshi for each one XRB coin.

XRB it has done pumped at the greater hill to their top resistance level at price 4000
satoshi only 1 day. and then the crazy dump of XRB will quickly move out xrb to
easily time.

in the market XRB there are 16 Million which one all of stock XRB on bitgrail market.
and there are 2 Million more deposit XRB it seems wanna sell after sold so it called
dump of XRB coins.

there are no way will going to up whatever without dump so it may credentials theory
there are pump will gonna dump also the strategy of XRB already known.

if no one which one can't defending xrb wall at top peak hill resistance. don't say
it will up again because. After the dump makes trauma and bad sentiment.

So, need more day to come back at stability of xrb even crazy pump and crazy dump.
Then it will reach the point of exhaustion.

The breaking news dump xrb mrai raiblocks coin it has made a deterrent effect
waiting good time for xrb even there're much and lot of XRB coin in the number of ton.

when the last way dump XRB to 400 satoshi it called insane dump of XRB coins.
so if you need your Bitcoin back you should cutloss before at own risk level.

XRB will can't up before the mining of XRB, mrai, raiblocks coin has stopped mining
distribution of XRB even up always getting dump for xrb coin forever. this name is
trading with dump level.

do at your own risk XRB coin have more and biggger risk which a like others
cryptocurrency level of trading. take care about your money invested so be
smart do at your own risk is your heaven of XRB coin.
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