Contoh Percakapan Orang Saat Chatroom Di Poloniex ~ Perstarwaw

Contoh Percakapan Orang Saat Chatroom Di Poloniex

percakapan di trollbox atau chatroom di market Poloniex seperti apa ?
seperti inilah contoh-contoh percakapan mengenai koin atau topik
yang memuat cryptocurrency.

photo :

Deji: DGB crash, omg. people will panic now.
cryptlooter: whats so good about ETC?
akionz: how to use lending
pawel.tcg: ETH news :
duncjake: XEM is false?
mikesmedia: neworder9.58, Why didnt' you buy XRP then?
Brann: Why is my ETH still stuck ?
Popcorntime: Dkallogh, please ensure that the address was provided by an official wallet and that you've entered it correctly :)
Sora: MiniKb, Well I am counting on DOGE at the moment, it's gradually been rising in total BTC buys. But anything could happen with any coin.
Xoblort: ucebb, I will pass this onto support and they will respond as soon as possible.. our apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience!
Aussie: 2dbuilder, makes me wonder if its half bot and half human sometimes lol
cinchau27: why would anyone sell eth right now
2dbuilder: Xoblort, you picking up being a multi dimentional being from polo an crypto xD
lufeng10010: StatusCoinAmount Load 10 more rows Complete: ErrorSC9975.00000000 2017-05-19 07:47:11 Address: 8a2b9762159194269690485025dc1056abefa37a001401aa8e51cca08ec
mammagamma: goldieg9, hi I'm one of the dumbasses , made a fortune on ripple haha losser
info-c176: HELP tickit #159008
pawel.tcg: cinchau27, there is no reason :)
cryptocholic: cinchau27, to take profit
neworder9.58: mikesmedia, I didnt know how to fund my account!!! Kraken wanted international bank transfer. I didnt even know where and how to buy biitcoin and send to echang
jhlim90: Xoblort, Can you tell me how long it will take to process withdrawal cancellation?
rezlin19: whats the black line in the middle of the red and green lines mean? on the candlestick
cryptomillions: cinchau27, maybe because btc is about to hit 2k?
Xoblort: info-c176, How long ago was your last response from support? Please also check
Cuongho: Xoblort, i'm not withdraw. help me
Evolves: Xoblort, hi can u help plz i deposite sc this morning but still not here yet. what do i do now?
Aussie: cinchau27, because they are not human
2dbuilder: Aussie, Think its part of the job description xD
Divinewinds: Hmm FLDC still looking tasty
Banhammer: minhtangpb banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Popcorntime.
7enuker: 1
max121064: Aussie, Japan never sleep)
Xoblort: Cuongho, Give me one moment to check a few things please
billytome: DGB panic sell...
Pharrisee1: akionz, read that
Xoblort: Evolves, How many confirmations does your deposit have on the block explorer now under the tx-ID (transaction ID)?
Aussie: 2dbuilder, R2D2
mikesmedia: neworder9.58, Well I know you won't feel this way know, but that was a good thing.
rhakanyar: Yesterday everyboady tell xrp 0.5 cent but now :) deeping
ismaelchouli: neworder9.58, use coinbase with international card its instant then transfert on polo
2dbuilder: Cleopatra, what goes up....
tomaszbaworbiznesonline: ardor new golem and NEX
Xoblort: Evolves, that one is slow here, Appreciate the patience.
DedicatedTrader: mikesmedia, roflmbo. DGB brings nothing worthwhile to the table. The name in its self is a joke.
Ssjaditya: just bought ARDR
Xoblort: PRO TIP: Trollbox trading advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. NOTHING! Research/question/protect yourself!
2DM2: What does it mean when the spread is increasing?
SabeurThameur: Cleopatra, hahahaha no
ThePerfectTroll: ...
akionz: Thanks
filanfistekunba: is there any link where I can see how to transfer my btc to bank account from poloniex or not ?
biocatalysis: burst the ether
duncjake: XRP long term
bearebel: Emc2 has included SegWit support on the new stratum
PromoSV: waiting DDOS )))
Xoblort: Cuongho, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval it will be processed automatically soon, please also check
info-2348: DedicatedTrader, fully agree :-)
tmkchuern: DGB focuses not only on miners but also on gamers. For example, the DGB will be integrated into Mainkraft on June 10th.
SabeurThameur: SolarPower, o/
Innominate: btc will tocuh 2k soon i guess
cryptocholic: xrp has been manipulated to downtrend guys
mikesmedia: neworder9.58, If you didn't know how to get started.. think of the people who haven't yet. Your an early adopter.. good coins will all go up.
vishal.sawai.28: bitcoin is now at its peak
seananetsberger: cinchau27, to scale out profits
2dbuilder: Aussie, lmao X3Bo xD
Deji: I guess no 500 for DGB, just crash instead :-(
alezha2008: Xoblort, Article Feedback - My withdrawal confirmation link failed #15810

demikian contoh chatroom di poloniex serta permasalahan yang di bahas seputar dunia
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